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"Russ is passionate about media and a lifelong student of the business, extremely aware of the small details that make a big difference. No one works harder or with more loyalty and dedication. Russ also happens to be one of the best writers I've known. His words create a mood, give the audience a smile, or bring back a cherished memory. I highly recommend Russ and welcome your inquiries about him."

- Dave Beasing, Program Director, KSWD-FM, Los Angeles, CA

"Russ is a fantastic systems guy. His knowledge of in-studio and online technology is more valuable today than ever. He is a true multi-tasker for today's lean, mean radio environment."

- Smokey Rivers, former Operations Manager, Clear Channel Radio, Phoenix, AZ

"When Russ came to KYOT in Phoenix, he had never programmed or jocked a Smooth Jazz station, but he quickly learned all the nuances of the format, and had it sounding the best it had been in a long time."

"As far as his talent-building skills go, the jocks he had to work with have been in the business for many years. I've personally been on the air over 20 years, and with KYOT for more than 6 of those, but Russ was able to break some bad habits I had, and helped get me to sound even more relaxed and natural in my delivery - without harming my fragile ego."

- Melissa Sharpe, Morning Host, KYOT-FM, Phoenix, AZ

"Russ was the Operations Manager and Program Director of our 50,000 watt heritage beautiful music station in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Russ also oversaw the imaging and commercial production of this station as well as our AM radio station WIIN.

During Russ' tenure, we took our FM beautiful music station from full automation to LIVE and transformed our sleepy AM radio station into a smokin' oldies station. Russ oversaw all of these changes and everything went off without a hitch.

WFPG was the market's top revenue producing station with number one Arbitron audience ratings; year after year during this time. Russ is dedicated, dependable and never leaves until the job's finished."

- Dick Taylor, CRMC, former General Manager, H & D Broadcasting, Atlantic City, NJ

"Russ Egan gets Online like few others in the radio industry. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. Russ has been designing web sites since the late 1990s, before many radio stations even had web sites. Russ understands the dynamic relationship that Radio and Online share with each other. Russ is always ahead of the curve when it comes to Online marketing."

- Mark Bianchi, Online Sales/Content Manager, Clear Channel Media, Cincinnati, OH

"I had the pleasure of working with Russ Egan for over four years. His knowledge of both the on-air and digital aspect of radio is superb, as is his dedication to an outstanding product."

- Clint Buckingham, Director of Digital Content, Clear Channel Radio, Detroit, MI

"I've worked with Russ at two different radio stations, WCEZ and WNCI. He was always a pro and one of the most valuable employees at each station!"

- "Jimmy Jam", the syndicated "Dave & Jimmy" morning show, WNCI-FM, Columbus, OH

"Russ is one of the best people I've worked with - his attention to detail is one of his best attributes, and he is a people person."

- Tony Evans, Middays, KYOT-FM Phoenix, AZ

"Russ has an amazing depth of experience in all aspects of radio; programming multiple formats, talent coaching and the all important area of design and implementation of interactive components. All this and he's a great person to be around! A GM's dream!"

- Jeff Rafter, Operations Manager, Magic 98.3/Magic 100.1, Greater Media of New Jersey

"Russ is a talented, skillful and dedicated team player."

- Kenny Lee, Product Manager, Radio Computing Services, White Plains, NY

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