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  Confessions of an

The following was originally posted in the 90's, but still passes the test of time...

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I live and breathe Elton John.  I used to think I was the biggest Elton John "fan" around.  Today, I must admit that the word "fan" belongs to another me, another generation.   Today, I wouldn't even consider many of the Elton related things I did back in the 70's, like:
  • Making a fur-armed jean jacket with a liquid embroidery emblem on the back that proudly stated "Elton John Superstar".  My mom was terrified that I would get roughed up if I ever wore it out of the house. Click the picture (right) to see the model for my madness. Actual size is about 2 feet by 3 feet.
  • Painting the Captain Fantastic logo on the side of my car.
  • Writing a screenplay based on the album "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player".  You'd be surprised at how all of the songs relate to each other.
  • Jumping on stage at The (old) Spectrum in Philadelphia and sitting down next to EJ at his piano.  Don't worry, I timed it so I got there in between songs.  By the way, patting him on the shoulder, I cut myself on one of the sequins on his Red, White & Blue jacket.  If anyone has any photos of this blessed event on July 7th 1976, please e-mail me.
  • Jumping on stage at Madison Square Garden, August 11th that same year.
  • Quitting my restaurant job because I couldn't get the day off to drive 600 miles to Buffalo to see Elton in concert.  Turns out the car died on the way and I never made it.
  • Dressing up like the Pinball Wizard and putting on an impromptu "lip-synch" concert for the cafeteria at college.  This included nailing 6 inches of wood to the bottom of my work boots and gluing a big ball of aluminum foil to my ski cap.
  • Sneaking backstage at The Bottom Line in NYC to meet Leslie Duncan. (she wrote and sang on the "Tumbleweed Connection" song "Love Song")  I was rewarded for my efforts with a kiss.
  • Forging press credentials so I could get into the Los Angeles Aztec's (soccer) locker room after their game with Philly on a hunch that Elton (part owner at the time) would be there.  He wasn't.
  • Naming my daughter "Chloe" after the song on "The Fox" album.  My son, who was born 5 years later got off easy.  His middle name is Daniel.
I haven't done that stuff in decades.  What I have now is more like the way I feel about my family.  They've always been there with support and love and I can't imagine life without them.  To me that's as good as it gets.  Of course it helps to get a "perk" every once in a while too. Click on the picture (left) to see one of those perks.

So too with this web page.  I thought I could come up with the ultimate Elton John Shrine, but my attempts fall pitifully short of some true works of art I found while tracking down Elton John related links. But for now, this will have to do. Rock On Reggie!

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