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Dave Beasing, PD, KSWD, Los Angeles

BLOG: Mmm, Now That's Great Radio

February 11, 2014

Good radio is served in every city and town in America. There's a recipe for it and once it's fully cooked at some corporate processing plant, it's freeze-dried and shipped all over the country, where it's reconstituted and served luke-warm.

It tastes the same in Portland, Maine as it does in Portland, Oregon; good, but generic and forgettable. It's mass-produced with little regard for its nutritional value and the presentation is impersonal and lacking.

Ahh, but GREAT radio cannot be distilled down to an easily duplicated formula and it's not available for take-out.

Great radio is made fresh hourly, on the premises. It's personal, it's local and it's a product of its ever-changing environment. Its ingredients are home-grown.

Great radio speaks to listeners one-to-one in real time, because great radio is prepared and served in real time. It's happening now, with emotion, attitude and relevance which only came to a boil moments ago.

Great radio is seasoned with a sense of ownership, pride and craftsmanship. Great radio is presented by a host with a personal stake in, and deep love for the product and a respect for the examples set by those legendary masters who came before.

Great radio is all of those things, plus love, humor, creativity, risk, honesty and after all is said and done, a feeling of satisfaction. Yes, you CAN get satisfaction. And you can taste it in every bite.

My compliments to the chefs.

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