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BLOG: Review of "Dark Sunglasses"

March 28, 2014

It's been over a month since my last blog. Maybe it was writer's block, maybe seasonal depression, or maybe a simple lack of motivation. In any case, like when anything else ailed me, Rock 'n' Roll has brought me out of it.

Over the years, as "Rockers" become "Classic Rockers," the inevitable happens; disappointment.

As years pass, all of us want our favorite artists and bands to continue to live up to the thing that drew us to them in the early days. We all want each new album to sound just like a "Classic" album. But it never does, does it?

Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when a 21st century release measures up to the early work, but when years turn into decades (or even centuries), the gap between what was and what will never be widens.

Sadly, and I'm as guilty of this as anyone, our unfulfilled expectations unfairly cloud our judgment of the "new stuff." We keep hoping for another "Abbey Road," but deep down we know it's just not gonna happen.

Well, guess what? Someone has finally done it. Sort of.

It's not "Pretenders I" or "Pretenders II," and it's not even the Pretenders band, but its close enough. Chrissie Hynde has released an amazing solo performance from her (I can't believe it took so long) first solo album.

"Dark Sunglasses" is the first single from the album "Stockholm," due out June 10th in the US. And just like The Pretenders' third album, "Learning To Crawl," it captures all things "Classic" Pretenders, then gives it an incredible Chrissie makeover.

OK, I've only heard the one song, but I am in love for the first time all over again. "Dark Sunglasses" is destined to become a top Billboard Rock track. Not only that, it feels so much like an early Pretenders cut that "Classic Rock" radio could and should play it, too, even if only as part of a two-fer or block of Pretenders.

"Dark Sunglasses" is at once unique and familiar, powerful and sensual, mysterious and accessible, straightforward and complex. It's a "perfect" song any rocker would sell their soul to create. But, any rocker doesn't have the Chrissie Hynde snarl, so they can all piss off.

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